About me

As with most reviewers I have been an avid reader all my life. My love of English started at school where I had two inspirational, completely bonkers English teachers, yet I denied my love for the subject and decided to study something random on the flip of a coin at University. Needless to say, that did not go well. Instead I changed my degree to English Literature and went on to do a Masters in Comparative Literature. It was during my MA that I realised my true passion – analysing the word, especially the erotic word.

This led me to start my first website, with a friend, that reviewed everything erotic, romantic and sexual. It was brilliant. I spent all my free time reading and reviewing. Authors sent us their novels and short stories and we had the pleasure of reading them. I was in my element. But then we both got busy, really busy. Life took over and sadly the website was left and forgotten.

Fast forward to a change in job and several years later and I am back. Having free time again and falling back in love with reading, I realised that the desire to write, review and have my voice heard, although quietened for a while, was still shimmering within me. After a lovely holiday where I did nothing but eat, read and relax it dawned on me how much I missed it. So… here I am. A new blog. A new voice. A new focus – rather than only reviewing erotica I am now reviewing anything and everything!

I really hope you enjoy my site and feel free to contact me if you have questions or a review request.

Elise x