Returning to my love

My love of reviewing started 7 years ago when I started a blog with my friend devouring everything erotic, paranormal, sexy and downright saucy. I loved it! I found my voice under a pseudonym where I fell in love with both a genre and exploring new literature. This lasted several years but sadly, as all great stories go, life got in the way. I couldn’t keep up with the demands of reviews, constant posting and my new all-consuming career. As such our website fizzled out.

I didn’t think about the website for a long time and then slowly I begun to have more brain capacity, with that I started reading everything in sight again. After finishing novel after novel I realised that I wanted to share my views, my opinions, my voice. I looked back at our old website, my old reviews and the yearning for writing came flooding back, but I knew that I was no longer that person; it was no longer my voice.

And now I am hear, a new blog and a new voice. I hope you like it!



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